Who says wedding dress, says expenses! For those who wish to get their wedding dresses at a lower cost, here are some tips that we suggest, non-exhaustive list of course!   1. RENTAL   This option is becoming more and more common as women with a limited wedding budget choose to rent their wedding dresses. The idea is not to be overlooked: why spend a huge amount of money on a dress that you are supposed to wear only once in your life? Renting a wedding dress can reduce your budget.   2. CUSTOMIZATION   The more the wedding dress model is composed, the more the prices are considerable. However, there is a simple solution that allows you to be the most beautiful on the big day: buying a simple wedding dress at a low price and customizing it according to your tastes and desires. Beads, lace, ribbons: put your imagination to work! Choosing this option will help you maintain your overall budget and one thing is sure: you will have a unique dress that reflects your image!   3. THE SALE   And yes . Wedding dress stores are also having a sale so this is the time for you to get a good deal! You can also take advantage of end-of-series liquidations and private sales to buy your wedding dress at a lower cost.   4. WEDDING FAIRS   Once or twice a year, bridal shows offer you the opportunity to buy dresses at prices that are often more interesting than in a boutique. store and give you exceptional discounts! It will also be an opportunity for you to discover other providers for your wedding project. Think about it;-)